My intention with this project is to go away from "Art World" discourses.

Using the joke and quotidian material, the white painted "art" objects; I wish to invite you and other people to be a part of the project. The sculptures an installations that I have placed around Europe can be moved to another location by any person who wish to. That way art becomes in harmony with everyday life of the people that will find it in the most unexpected places.

If you find my art somewhere then feel free to move it to another place. If you decide to take a piece of art with you home, you can do so BUT then I urge you to give a donation to any charity organization you prefer.

Hope you will participate in this project.


Siurana, Spain 2010 Doll in Tiergarten. Berlin 2008 Viktoria Park, Berlin Germany 2008 Easter Egg. Victoria Park, Berlin 2008 Worshipper. Amsterdam 2008 Driftdolls. 2009 Vila Franca, Spain 2010 Fish...On Air. Llorenc Del Penedes, Spin 2010 The Leg. Marmellar, Catalonia, Spain 2010 Vitsand, Boden, Norrbotten Sweden 2011 Båtskärsnäs, Norrbotten Sweden 2011 Norrbotten, Sweden 2012 North of Finland, Tornio river. 2012 Skala Eressos, Lesvos, Greece 2010 Action, Dyrehaven, Cph. Denmark 2012 The Four Sisters, Dyrehaven, Cph. Denmark. 2012 Skala Eressos 2012 The Mummy Chair at Kouitou ArtHotel, Eressos, Greece 2013 Skala Eressos, Greece 2013 Campus, Skala Eressos. Greece, Dec. 2013 Olive House, Campus. Eressos, Greece, 1 Jan. 2014 Mummy Chair Nr.2 Eressos, Greece 2014 Skala Eressos, Jan. 2014 2014 Working at KKV Luleå, Norrbotten Sweden 2014


Galleri Lindberg 2014

Luleå, Sweden

Norrbottensalong 2012

Norrbottens Museum, Luleå, Sweden

Gallery Les Quintanes 2010

Llorenc del Penedes, Catalonia, Spain


Performance - Bad News, 2014

Holbæk Kunsthøjskole/Art School

NiLas, 2012

Vippabacken, Överkalix, Norrbotten, Sweden 2012 Råneå River, Norrbotten, Sweden 2012 Norrbotten, Sweden 2012 Tornio River, Kukkolaforsen, Norrbotten, Sweden 2012 Norrbotten, Sweden 2012

Earth-Sky Resonances, 2012

Triangle, Levka Ori, (White Mountain) Crete. 2012 Triangle, Levka Ori. Crete. Greece 2012


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Thank you for your visit!

Nike Forsander Lorentsen